The Asian Indian Women's Association

It started as a dream. This organization was founded on the dreams of first-generation wives who left behind the only home they knew. Leaving behind families and loved ones, they traveled thousands of miles from India to immigrate to the United States of America and turned their dream into reality. Welcome to AIWA.

Making A Difference

Strengthening our community is a large part of our vision, and our volunteer work is an essential element of this and a crucial part of our mission. We are always looking for opportunities to volunteer and to give back to our community. Please become part of our family by helping us and volunteering with us.

We Can Help

The Asian Indian Women’s Association (AIWA) was born out of the dreams and desires of just a handful of first-generation immigrant women. With hard work, dedication, and financial support from people like you, we have started chapters all across America.

AIWA provides a forum for dialogue and discussion on education, social welfare, and cultural issues.



Attend seminars and activities about healthcare, finance, and retirement planning.



We offer a support network for women and resources for families in crisis.



Meet fellow Indian women with similar interests by taking part in leisure activities.



We raise awareness of the issues relevant to ourselves and our community.

Check out our Events Calendar and join us!

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Who are we?

We raise awareness of the issues relevant to ourselves and our community and offer a support network for women that provides resources for families in crisis.

How can you help?

To get started, fill out the Volunteer Request Form so we can learn more about you and the areas in which you wish to volunteer.


Our Sponsors

Without whose valued support, we would be unable to bring any programs to serve the Asian Indian women community in Southeast Michigan.

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